Baby Carriers

Types of Baby Carriers

Baby Wrap

This is the type of baby carrier that consists of long cloths that can use to wrap around the baby’s body. This is a simple no hooks or rings within the material and that can support the back completely. Babies can be worn close but not as quick to put on.

Ring Sling

It is a rectangular piece of fabric that has threaded in 2 rings to connect and fasten the bay while wearing. It is easy to use, easy to adjust and has advantage when it comes to breastfeeding. It can be easily shared between people with different sizes.

Mei Tai Carriers

This baby carrier consists of fabric with four straps that can be used for your baby. It is good to use for newborn babies until the preschool age. It can be use as easy and handy baby carriers wherein parent can still move around the house doing the household chores. With it’s easy to adjust features that can let you wear whether in front or back.

Buckle Carrier

It is a modern version of Mei Tai wherein rectangular piece of fabric secures with buckles or clips rather than knots. It is comfortable to use especially for long walks and long carries.

Pouch Sling

It is very much similar to ring sling without the feature of adjusting every time you use it. It’s simple to use and its small compact will let it go inside a diaper bag. Though it has limited adjustability, it can still be use and inexpensive. This is one of the easiest and convenient ways to wear a child.